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Brigád Vén Kecske (Old Goat) Ezerjó, 2018, Mór (dry)

The most important merit of our Goat is probably its versatility. The grapes for this wine were picked from 4 tiny parcels, 3 of them are situated on Vén (Old) Hill, and one is on Kecske (Goat) Hill. Each of these parcels is different from the others: different exposure to the sun, diverse soil, different age of vines, sundry clones. What is common is the aim. To grow grape bunches of the most possible concentration. If it is achieved, we do not have much to add. Musts are fermented spontaneously (Vén Hill portion in barrel, while Kecske Hill portion in stainless steel tank), the wines mature for 6 months on fine lees and finally they are blended – we can say they get married and live happily ever after, until they are sold out.

Where to find: Café Csiga (Budapest), Borista Kóstolóműhely (Sárvár), Borpont Delicate (Győr), Prosit (Tata), The Saloon (Tata)


Brigád, Vén Kecske (Old Goat) Ezerjó Selection, 2019, Mór (dry)

Our Ezerjó Selection is made exclusively in outstanding vintages. Since we started making wine, it has happened only twice. The most beautiful – already shriveled – berries were harvested at the end of October. After 24 hours of soaking and gentle pressing the must was poured into 4th use barrel No 4001. The slow fermentation was carried on by its own yiest and finished by the end of December. It was followed by 10 months of ageing on fine lees.

Where to find: Brigád (Mór, 10 Hársfa street)


Csetvei Ezerjó A – Amfora, Mór, 2019 (dry)

The ancient way of making and storing wine in clay amphora, like the Greeks and the Romans did has helped and allowed Krisztina to further express her approach as well as let her talent shine in winemaking. The nose offers aromas of acacia blossom, stone fruits, fully ripen apple, tropical fruits, vanilla and white pepper. The palate is fruit-forward, well-balanced with vivid acidity and delivers aromas of tropical fruits, grapefruit, acacia, peach, tomato leaf and wet stones. An elegant food-friendly wine that can be paired well with seafood dishes or charcuterie.

Where to find: holnapottabor.hu, Pinceképviselet, A borkereskedő (Gárdony), , BorPont (Győr)


Csetvei Ezerjó H – Barrel, Mór, 2019 (dry)

A super unique local grape variety, called Ezerjó got bottled by Krisztina to showcase what this wine region is really about and capable of with a twist by adding a distinctive flavour of Hungarian oak. A very rich nose full of apple, apricot, banana, mango, charred wood, toast and mushroom. The palate is lush, full-bodied and dry, entirely mouth-filling with flavour of toast, bread dough, vanilla, green apple, peach and lemon as well as possessive of a beautifully lengthy finish.

Where to find: holnapottabor.hu, Pinceképviselet, bar24.hu


Geszler máMÓR Móri Ezerjó 2019 (dry)

This fiery Ezerjó fermented in stainless steel tank and then we matured it for 3 months in oak barrel to make it even silkier, rounder. The barrel was made by a local cooper in Mór and he used wood from our local forest next to the vineyard, in Vértes Mountains. Therefore the outcome is a true “Móricum”.  As a local patriot family of Mór, we would like give you not only great Ezerjó wines, but also Ezerjó experiences.
Ezerjó of Mór is a Hungaricum and “Móricum”, just like Benedek Nagy sculptor, who created the tumbling angel on the label


Geszler Móri Ezerjó, 2019, Mór (off dry)

If it is Mór wine region, then it is Ezerjó. This Hungaricum is the flagship wine of ours, the pride of our winery. Masculine, fiery, refreshing, full bodied, reductive wine with high alcohol and acidity. We would like to wish all winelovers and Mór lovers “thousand joyous experiences” – since Ezerjó means Thousand Good or Thousand Blessings. Due to its little residual sugar this Ezerjó pairs well with ligher desserts.


Geszler Móri Ezerjó, 2018, Mór (dry)

This wine is an excellent example of the grape variety. Warning! There is a legend, which says drinking Ezerjó, a lady is likely to get expectant with a baby boy. If you don’t believe it, try it yourself! Wine and gastronomy: drink it as an aperitif at 10–12 °C, pair it with white meat, spicy dishes. Try it with pork knuckle accompanied with cabbage and potato dumplings or with what you feel like.

Friday Kapitány Ezerjó, 2019, Mór (dry)

Many times you get to unknown and wonderful worlds by letting yourself be guided. Give control to our Captain Friday, who is a distinctive, radiant, captivating character. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed, you’ll be under its influence all along.

Where to find: Friday Winery (Mór), 0,75 Bistro (Budapest), Beat (Székesfehérvár), Öreg Prés Étterem (Mór), Palack Borbár (Budapest)

Friday Hordós Ezerjó (barrel aged), 2017, Mór (dry)

Because as time goes on, we mature and we slowly see the true values of the world. This wine, our fathers’ wine, is like that. Infinitely tasty, soft, full-bodied. There is nothing harsh in it, it does not judge or fudge. But when it speaks, it always tells the truth.

Where to find: Friday Winery (Mór), 0,75 Bistro (Budapest), Beat (Székesfehérvár), Öreg Prés Étterem (Mór), Palack Borbár (Budapest)


Frittmann Ezerjó, 2020, Soltvadkert (dry)

A greenish-yellow wine, and not only in colour, but also in aroma as citrus, green apple, white flowers and peach among the notes all provide a fresh character to the wine. Body is light, structure is vigorous due to the balanced alcohol content and dynamic acids, which make the sip relatively tight. Straight, well balanced and exciting wine made of “Ezerjó”, a typical grape variety of Kunság wine region. It is recommended to be paired with poultry-, fish dishes and cheese. Serve chilled to 12–14°C.


Frittmann Ezerjó in Wooden Barrel FPV, 2017, Soltvadkert (dry)

The fragrance of this lemon coloured wine shows notes of honey, butter and vanilla as well as some yellow-fleshed fruits. Aromas are nicely echoing the bouquet, and toasty notes appear along with flavours of apple, pear and mango. These latter ones provide a special creamy character to this wine, though keep its straight and vivid acidity as a primary structural element. Spicy aftertaste lingers on the palate. Recommended with poultry and fish dishes. Serve chilled to 14°C.


Lincz Ezerjó, 2019, Mór (dry)

If Mór, then it is Ezerjó – we can say when generalizing. But how come that the name of a town is so closely bond to a wine type? Ezerjó originates in Hungary and it has found its true home here, in Mór wine region. The soil here contains lime, and also loess in many parcels, thus the wines have character and relatively high acidity. The bunch of Ezerjó is medium large, high yielding, the berries are big with thick skin, it ripens midseason and it is susceptible to rot. Ezerjó wine has greenish pale colour, the nose and palate are discreet, not flamboyant, however it has good structure and body. Rich in acidity, but this acid content is in harmony with the wine, integrates it smoothly.

Where to find: www.linczpince.hu, Lincz Pincészet (Mór, Zrínyi u. 21., hétköznap 7.00–14.00)


miklóscsabi ezredes ezerjó, 2019, Mór (száraz)
Dad is producing. Ezerjó. educating. riding flames. Grumbling, bypassing bird nests, waiting. harvest at our place for the last time.
Golden yellow colour, restraint nose. A barrel aged Ezerjó with the mineral character of Mór volcanic soil. Leaving in the glass for a while a pronounced saline and chalky feature appears. The usual citrusy notes are complemented by vanilla. The palate is mostly saline and mineral. As the temperature of the wine is rising, citrus notes appear on mid-palate. Zesty and fiery, while also creamy and notes of barrel ageing are easy to detect. 
Food pairing: steak tartare
Where to find:: miklóscsabi’s cellar (Mór, Ezerjó u. 3.), Kempinski Hotel (Budapest)

Paulus Gold Ezerjó 2020

If Mór, then Ezerjó – so the saying goes. Paulus Wine House was founded by Pál Molnár in 2012 and by now it has become one of the largest and more successful wineries in Mór wine region. Obviously Ezerjó grape plays an important role in the life of the estate. 2020 Gold Ezerjó has straw yellow colour, attractive nose with green apple and pear. A charming wine mediterranean character and vibrant acidity.

Where to find: Auchan, Borháló, Bormúzeum, BorPont, CBA, Elixír, Eszencia, Lovas restaurant, Öreg Halász restaurant, Pannon Borbolt, Piroska Csárda, Velence Spa


Petőcz Ezerjó, 2019, Ászár

Ezerjó is a historical Hungarian grape variety. Wine from Ezerjó is rich in alcohol, hard, non-fragrant, with slightly palatable taste, strongly acidic, greenish-white in colour. It is good on its own and also as a blend, but is also good as a base for sparkling wine due to its strong acids. After several years of maturation, its acids turn round very nicely and form a nice taste harmony. Ezerjó is also suitable for barrel maturation.

Where to find: www.petocz.hu, Petőcz Vendégház (Ászár, Petőfi S. u. 64.), Spar (Ászár), Zalka ABC (Ászár), VV market (Győrszentiván), Ildi-Food (Hévíz), Vigadó (Dunaújváros), Bástya (Bábolna), Jobb Dáma (Hánta), Kisbér Cukrászda (Kisbér), Pisztráng (Bábolna)

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