The date of International Ezerjó Day: 16 May

We believe in Ezerjó

We believe in Ezerjó grape variety, therefore we would like to
– teach you to enjoy the beauty of the this variety,
– introduce you this versatile grape variety,
– raise your appetite for Ezerjó,
– reach more and more people and to achieve that more and more winelovers buy Ezerjó in the shop, taste it on the spot in a wine cellar or order it onine,
– see every winelover choosing his or her favourite Ezerjó wine,
– have more and more spots, wine bars, bistros, restaurants – places where we can enjoy a glass of Ezerjó,
– have “fresh”, up-to-date information about this variety and make it available for the trade,
– elaborate more and more food and wine pairings with Ezerjó (at home and in restaurants as well),
– see that our colleagues in the wine trade have Ezerjó on their mind – certainly after the HORECA sector opens up again.

We believe that Ezerjó is an important, Hungarian indigenous grape variety – a so called ‘Hungaricum’ –, which makes the trade and the winelovers feel like learning more about it. We also believe that we are capable of making great, exciting, lovable but also elegant, serious great wines! But the proof of the pudding is in the eating – so let us become adventurous and taste Ezerjó wines!

Why 16 May? 

– First of all every day is a potential Ezerjó Day – we can enjoy light, refreshing Ezerjó wines on weekdays and we can accompany our holidays with more matured and more serious Ezerjó wines.
– May is the most beautiful month of the year, the rays of the Sun have already opened the blossoms of the trees, and it is more than lovely to enjoy a chilled, playful Ezerjó with vibrant, refreshing acidity.
– One of the most important wine person died on 16 May in 2008. It was Robert Mondavi, and he died at the age of 94. The Californian superstar of Napa valley lived and worked far from the tiny Mór wine region, but as this genious mind advanced in spirit elevated Napa valley to the top league, we also believe that our Ezerjó variety deserves more recognition and fame – it has everything to be loved.

– And, last but not least, Krisztina Csetvei, the mastermind behind Ezerjó Day has a lovely little daughter, Panna, who was born on the 16th of May. In fact, she is probably the youngest vinyeyard owner in the region!

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Would you like to participate in Ezerjó Day? No matter what your relationship is with Ezerjó, you can join our initiative. Are you a winemker growing Ezerjó? Do you sell Ezerjó wines in a shop? Do you work as a sommelier and you need more information? Are you a wine writer or blogger? Or do you just simply love Ezerjó? Contact us!
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